Smart Screen Capture Tool

It is a practical application that allows you to quickly get your screenshots with a single keypress or to take a animated GIF screen recording and get a short link.

You can download the application for free to see more.

Editable Screenshot Getting the Most Practical Way

Smart Sensing

After you get a screenshot, do not try to select the Window, hold down to the Shift key and bring the mouse over the Window. You will love it!

Portable Drawings

Move, resize or modify the drawings you add.

Get shareable link.

Get a shareable link by uploading your screen image or GIF screen recording to the Web quickly.

It's easy to share

You do not need to take a screenshot to get a picture link, click "Choose a picture and upload" from the program icon and share it.

Animated GIF Support

Save your screen as animated GIF and share it if you like.

Google WebP Support

Save your screenshots as WebP with Google WebP image format support.

Add Transparency

Add transparency to your drawings. Bring the mouse over the drawing object and slide the middle wheel of the phare.

Save Time

Capture and share your screen image with a fast, simple, powerful and handy interface without spending time.

Language Support

Start using your own language with multi-language support.

Silent Mode

If you need to get multiple screenshots, turn on Silent Mode and start capturing screenshots, then click "Show Silent Modes" on the program icon.

Ultra Editor

Customize and share your screenshots before sharing them, without the need for other tools.

Multi Monitor Support

Mark the screens you want to be active on the settings screen and start taking your screenshots.