Frequently asked questions about Screentake

Q: How to take Screenshots ?

A: Install the application to Screentake , Then you can take a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key was defined as default. Default Settings button -> You can change the general tab, For more Visit Tutorials

Q: What is the Smart Sensing feature ?

A: You are trying to select a window on the screen when you take a screenshot and you can not take. Any window in the Smart Sensing feature allows you to select automatically get you a screenshot. Bring after taking screenshot you need to do on that window by holding down the Shift Mouse

Q: Does saving links to screenshots ?

A: Yes,we get by default screenshots are recorded separately for each session. Settings Saved links -> You can find links tab, If you do not want to register the Settings tab, enter the Custom Settings -> 'Get the link record for this session' Choose an option.

Q: How can I change the transparency of the way I draw ?

A: You can change the way you draw is on making the mouse wheel up and down.

Q: How do I removelinks to screenshots?

A: Settings -> After you select the link you want to delete the Links tab, you can right click menu.

Q: Screenshots in which the server is hosted ?

A: We are hosting the server Imgur .

Q: When uploading images which are supported image formats ?

A: PNG and JPEG formats are supported for importing Link. Settings-> You can change this setting in the Custom Settings tab.

Q: What format do ı save my images to a computer ?

A: Supported formats: WebP, PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP

Q: What can I do I'm errors in the program ?

A: Please make sure that you use the latest version, If the problem still persists  You can contact the address.

Q: How can I delete one of my private information with or disturbed image will be shared ?

A: Using the Report Inappropriate Image button on the page, you can contact us.